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Massage Therapy


Pelvic Connect is a unique therapeutic service that provides personalize treatment sessions to our clients all in the comfort of your home.



We can treat and provide care for all women experiencing any of the following:

  • Urinary Incontinence, Urgency, Frequency, and Hesitancy

  • Bowel/Fecal Incontinence

  • Constipation

  • Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

  • Pelvic pain

  • Coccyx/tailbone pain

  • Painful Intercourse

  • Abdominal Pain associated with abdominal surgery or scar tissue

  • Infertility 

  • Pudendal Neuralgia

  • Groin pain

  • Diastasis recti




  • 24/7 on call support

  • Compassion, empathy, & support

  • A safe space to be heard and valued

  • Personalized guidance to write your birth preferences

  • Experienced guides through the labor & birthing process

  • Empowering support

  • Postpartum planning through the 4th trimester


  • Emotional and physical support

  • Education about newborn care

  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation

  • Assisting you & your partner to process the birth

  • Baby feeding support and education

  • Educating you & your partner about postpartum mood disorders

  • Assistance with other children & their transition

  • Support with optimizing sleep for the whole family


Empowered Pregnancy Program


This online or in-person fitness/nutrition program was specifically designed to assist women who are pregnant or trying to conceive stay active in a safe and healthy manner, as you embark on this amazing season of your life.  Dr. Cindy is certified in pre- & postnatal coaching and is passionate about helping women staying active and heathy throughout pregnancy and helping women build strength, manage weight gain, educate on childbirth prepping, core and pelvic floor pressure management techniques, and so much more. This program will assist in preparing you for the demands of motherhood in the fourth trimester as well as teaching strategies to prevent pain/ discomfort with caring for your new bundle of joy.

Mommy Strong Program

This online or in-person program was designed specifically for new moms to safely get you back into the workouts you love. This program will provide you with step-by-step guidance from week 1 postpartum to 12 weeks and beyond. This program will help you improve your confidence, strength, and endurance as you embark on this new journey of motherhood.

  • Cupping 

  • Dry Needling

  • Graston technique 

  • Cold laser therapy 

  • Therapeutic ultrasound 


HypnoBirthing is a technique that combines deep relaxation, visualization and self-hypnosis. For example, the mother with practice of scripts is able to enter into relaxation to release fear, gain peace and comfort. Techniques such as visualization allow an understanding of what is happing in the body to reduce tension. Equally important to relaxation is trust. Through the work of scripts, a mother’s trust is built to view birth as joy, rather than an event to fear. Likewise, when fear is released, so does pain and tension in labor.


HypnoBirthing Classes

Classes are offered in group settings either virtual or in person. In addition to group classes, We offers private and refresher courses as well. Each class comes with scripts to use on a daily basis. In addition to scripts,  we offer Rainbow Relaxation audio, handouts and local resources.


Mercier Therapy has a 83% stand alone success rate at helping women conceive. This therapy can be used in conjunction with assisted reproductive technology such as IUI or IVF, if you so choose. It is highly recommended to prepare your body prior to any medically assisted reproductive technology to help insure a successful cycle!

Additional conditions that Mercier Therapy could potentially help with are:

  • Painful intercourse

  • Irregular menstrual cycles (including dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea)

  • Pelvic surgical scar tissue (including cesareans)

  • Sexual abuse trauma

  • Pelvic or hip injury

  • Bladder incontinence

  • Endometriosis

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

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